Friday, September 14, 2007

Autumn tops

Pants are a huge trend this autumn. Skinny ones, wide legs, jodphurs... you name it autumn has it. But as everyone knows, pants can't be worn alone. Hence this post: pretty slinky tops to go with pants.

First up...pussy bow blouses. They've come back in a big way since lady-like is way to go this fall. Hitchock-chic, secretary chic... these are just some of the names given to this certain trend that highlights pussy-bow blouses.

These two are from Fendi and Mulberry respectively (both and while you can wear them tucked into a pencil skirt, I rather pair them tucked out with slim cut black tuxedo trousers (add a clutch) for date night, or tucked into wide-leg pants with a thin brown leather belt for school or work.

E.g. Something like this pair from Banana Republic (

A word about these two brands. I am not exactly a fan of either, usually labelling them as being too old-ish for me, especially for Fendi. To me it was the less hip version of Chanel and targets an older set. And even regarding Fendi's handbags which are seen on the arms of many a starlet, I haven't been particularly fond of most of them, save perhaps, for the Fendi B bag. However, I have been pleasantly surprised by Karl Lagerfeld's designs for Fendi this season. Some of them are very wear-able for my age set (i.e 21).

Another nice long-sleeved top, albeit not in the same lady-like style as shown above is this one by Elijah (

I love the collar detail. Interesting but still subtle.

Here's a closer view:

As this top is rather voluminous, it has to be paired with a more fitted bottom. So here, think skinny crops, especially those ankle-length ones or skinny pants. These are from Gap (

Or even jeans. Just keep the choice of pants fitted so as to keep the silhouette slim.

Next up: sleeveless tops.

I really like this one from Stella McCartney ( It's just so cute and very French gamine. I can see myself pairing this with black cuffed-shorts, ballet flats and a chain strapped handbag. This top would also look really good with ankle-length skinny pants like the Gap pair above. Actually, it can pretty much match anything---wide legs or skinnies, crops or shorts and anything in between. This top is just so pretty!

I also fancy this one from Chloe (

Jewel tones are very "in" this autumn and this ruby red is very elegant. The detailed collar also serves to make it unique, but doesn't distract from the overall look of the piece.

Then there's this top from Development (

It's paired with jeans here, which is nice, but I'd prefer to pair this with black slim cut pants ala the Banana Republic one shown above. For working ladies, this is a perfect day-to-night top, just pair with black slim cut pants and a blazer for day, and take off the blazer and add a clutch for night for an outfit that while elegant, isn't boring. But this top is versatile and would fit very well as part of a weekend wardrobe. Just swap the black pants for shorts or crops, or yes, even jeans.

From long-sleeved to no sleeves, we now turn proceed to short sleeves (I'm starting to sound like a museum guide).

The one on the top is from Vanessa Bruno ( A high-street alternative can be found at Topshop Boutique (bottom, . I simply love the grey colour and those angel sleeves. Very flattering those type of sleeves I tell you. Makes your arms look really thin. Again, because of the voluminous proportions, keep the bottom slim and you should be fine. Perhaps pair with tuxedo pants, a nice pendant necklace and one of those leather bombers in camel brown that are so in vogue now? Or dress down by pairing it with shorts (preferably white and tailored), and I'm thinking either Hogan-esque sneakers or bejewelled sandals.

I am esepcially liking these two Hogan pairs (top,; bottom, .

Then there are these kimono-esque tops. They are from Little Joe by Gail Elliott (net-a-porter), and Topshop ( respectively.

The Little Joe by Gail Elliott top is much more fancy but it can still be worn for day time, just pair with slim jeans, crops or tailored shorts. And to amp up the glam factor, pair with slim cut black pants for night.

These two are also by Little Joe by Gail Elliott ( and Topshop ( respectively, although this time, it's by Topshop Unique in particular. They are much more structured than the other short sleeved tops featured, so they can be paired with wide-legs without being overly voluminous. This pair from Gap ( is would do nicely.

Finally, there are these last two tops from Topshop and Chloe respectively.

While smock tops may be a bit too summer-ish, for people who want to wear skinnies or slim cut pants but are afraid of it being unflattering, having a billowing top can do wonders in alleviating the unflattering factor. So maybe give this Topshop piece a try. I added the Chloe piece because I loved the cowl style collar. This is again one of those fabulous day to night, weekend to weekday tops which can be dressed up or down based on, in this case, the changing of pants. Black slim cut pants for a work (and maybe post-work cocktails), while short or crops would do great for the weekend.

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