Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Inspiration board!

I haven't blogged for ages. But recently, I've had a lot of time on my hands and have been looking forward to the new spring collections. Shopping was hardly any fun last season and I wandered the streets, bored by all the 80's references---a fashion decade I am not too keen on. So when I first saw the Spring/Summer 2010 collections on last year, I was very pleased. Soft draping, neutrals, romanticism!

Bring it on! say I. Makes a nice (and long awaited) change from punk, acid wash and studs.

Currently I am feeling 1920s British seaside resort. Perhaps it is the warm yet breezy weather here in Singapore (before the humidity sets in later in the year), the quietness of the day and having lots of time on my hands to read and think that inspired this move.

Either that or it's the doses of Jeeves and Wooster and Hercule Poirot that I've been having. All that Art Deco furniture, sunny weather and gorgeous clothes!


(from the Jeeves and Wooster series)

So this is what I imagine myself wearing:

I saw this on and immediately, I felt: this is it! Completely captures my mood, right up to the white fedora which, I am having a strange hankering for at the moment.

Other pieces which I currently favour are

Butterfly print dress from Ted Baker and ditzy floral jumpsuit from Topshop. I'm often wary about the quality of material from Topshop, but for trendiness, they're still hard to beat. These would look great with the aforementioned white fedora, and with beautiful gold low or high heeled sandals.

Or to further the 1920s vibe, one can add this

Black and white T-bars! (from Topshop)

Or if one wanted a more grungy look to juxtapose with all that resort-ish vibe, one could wear these instead:

I've always had a thing for suede boots, and these ankle ones---judging from the web photo---are just gorgeous (also from Topshop).

Other nice print dresses include these from French Connection

They're not bad, but I still prefer the first two picks.

Continuing with the easy-breezy vibe, I saw some shots of the Banana Republic Spring 2010 Collection that epitomised what I have been hankering for:

Some other pieces that capture this seaside resort/romantic vibe are these last season's Tulle tees from Jcrew.

I just love the rosette detailing. So very delicate.

I'm also partial to this blouse from Jcrew

Overall, I would pair all three tops with crisp white or cream shorts, and I would pair the rosette tee and the ruffled blouse with these skirts

(from Ted Baker)

(from New Look)

(from Banana Republic) I think it looks nicer on the model

Other things that I'm loving that fits with this theme:

Two other print dresses from Ted Baker. They're on a roll this season. Generally I only find one piece of interest per season, yet this time, I like four articles of clothing. Perhaps they have made changes to their design team?

(from Topshop)

In case it gets chilly...

(also from Topshop. Saw this in person and it was indeed lovely and prettier in fact than in the photo. The shiny yet muted gold and pink threads weren't captured so well in this picture.)

Two more looks:

Both from Banana Republic (another brand that I don't usually favour but whose Spring collection I am loving). I like the water coloured motifs---they look so serene.

And now for accessories to complete the ensemble:

Small satchels (Banana Republic, Ted Baker and Ted Baker respectively)

I've once seen these things described as part of the American foreign exchange student's uniform. That was quite an unflattering description. I suppose because I like these things and yet, I haven't met any very nice American foreign exchange student thus far, so I didn't like the association.

Then for those who have lots to carry around there are the larger satchels

(from Banana Republic)

and THIS!

the Oversized Alexa from Mulberry

I went to the Mulberry store hoping to get one but alas! here in Singapore they only had the leopard print version and not the classic oak version. What was worse was that even Net-a-Porter had run out of the Oversized Alexa in this colour. I shall just have to wait for NaP to restock.

A side word about Mulberry. 'tis my favourite handbag brand. I don't like Louis Vuitton and I think Chanel is now a tad too ubiquitous. I missed out on the Croc Print Suede Bayswater in Grey last season so I was hoping to get this one instead but alas the Singapore store didn't bring it in. I shall just have to wait till it is available online.

The only other bag I am loving is the Hermes Kelly Bag (the small sized one). I saw this young lady sling it ala messanger bag and I liked that look very much---expensive bag carried with an air of insouciance. I'll blog about bag lust in another post.

Finally, two little accessories to complete the look.

First up, cute little flower ring from Topshop

And Art Deco inspired bangle from French Connection

So that's about all for now. Till then!

Photographs from:,,,, Screen caps from youtube.