Monday, August 6, 2007

Luv and Joy

My godma's gone off to Canada and now I feel lonely. I think somewhere along the way, I've picked up this habit of hanging around with older people. Like I talk to my peers online, but I hang out with those mainly of the 40 something age set. Something about their presence that I find comforting. Like they know what they're doing. At least most of the time. So this post is dedicated to my darling godma and her 2 dogs Luv and Joy.

This is Luv (pronounced Love). He came with a pedigree cert saying that he is a chihuahua, but I think he looks like a mix between a chihuahua and a pomernarian. Luv is very smart. The vet said he has a big brain, and Luv understands English. If you mention the words "by" or "I've got to go" in his presence, he starts to bark. He doesn't like it when people leave.

Then there is Joy:

Joy is a year younger than Luv and is a chihuahua. Somehow, he reminds me of a little fox---I think it's his fawn colour and his pointy ears. He is extremely active (ie cannot really sit still) but very affectionate. Rather kiasu but he is nonetheless a very happy dog and is often seen smiling.

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yizhen said...

hi! Well, if it helps, your 22 yr old friend is finally back from Germany! We should meet up sometime in school! :)