Monday, June 25, 2007

Rope detail

I've always been a fan of the nautical look. When I was 5, I was very into navy and white, and sailor-style tops or dresses. I still rock the nautical look, and the little things that come together with it---stripes, blue and white (combined with a touch of gold if possible), anchor motifs and now...rope detail.

Like this one from Moschino Cheap & Chic.

They have it in blue as well, a picture of which I have posted somewhere else on this site, so now i'm posting the red version.

And this is something I would so totally wear (if i have not done so already).

Then there's also this very cool one from Sonia Rykiel.

Very French Riveria. Again, I totally dig the outfit.

Finally there's this one by Topshop, which always allows people to sample trends at lower price points.

I know it sounds boring, but I'd pair this with shorts and some snazzy footwear (it's too classic a look to just throw aside!) Or with jeans and a nice jacket when the weather cools down.

I'm currently liking these:

(From Borne)

(From Alexander Wang)

And these jeans:

From Topshop. The zipper and the dark wash is just so cool. Nice contrast to the preppy-ness of the nautical-style top.
From Primark and Ernest Sewn respectively. Ernest Sewn is seriously one of the best denim labels out there. Scott Morrison is quite the denim genius. Ditto Jerome Dahan.

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