Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pretty blouses Part I

Fall clothes are making their way onto the racks and since i have nothing much to do today, i figured i better post the pictures of the spring summer clothes before they become outdated. And also because they are taking up too much storage space on my computer.

So here goes.

First up is chiffon.

Chiffon blouses have this romantic etheral feel that is oh so lovely. These are from Lux at Urban Outfitters and i think the batwing sleeves are very flattering.

This is also by Lux. It is more of a smock top and would look great for school. Very slouchy cool yet feminine.

This is from Kimchi & Blue at Urban Outfitters. It is actually a top but is worn as a dress here. I am currently having a thing for such sleeves---very flattering. Makes your arms look super skinny, especially if you have skinny limbs but somewhat muscular and broad upper arms (all those years of swimming) like me.

Diane von Furstenburg, who (together with Vera Wang) can be counted on to produce all things feminine, but not cloyingly so, also has a chiffon blouse in her spring/summer collection.

As you can see, it comes in two colours and has a very bahamas resort vibe to it. Would look great paired with shorts and sandals. Perhaps one of those currently ubiquitous gladiator sandals would do nicely.

Now on to my favourite chiffon pieces:

The one on top is by United Bamboo, while the other is by Miguelina. I love the noir-ish vibe these 2 pieces have. It's feminine but with an edge. I can so totally see myself wearing the Miguelina piece to school, especially now that i'm into slouchier pieces.

Photographs from:,,, I'm not sure where i got the picture of the United Bamboo blouse from.

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