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To say change is ubiqutious is a little of an oxymoron, but that's how things are like in this early part of 2008, especially with ahem, a few good (wo)men of a certain country, appearing daily on the news, tirelessly rush around calling for changes to be made in their country, and presumably, given their country's superpower stature, to the rest of the world as well. A little closer home, I have heard from the grapevine that some of my friends are now sporting rather different looks---tanner, shorter hair etc. As for myself, my fashion choices have also undergone a...(let's all say it) change.

Or has it.

Recently I was out with my sister walking along, where else, the shopping boulevards of Orchard Road, when I told her that my new favourite fashion labels are now "Banana Republic, alldressedup, and as usual Massimo Dutti. I think I have outgrown Topshop". She agreed and said "yes, we have not been frequenting that place for quite some time". To me, Topshop designs were getting tacky, and the choice of material poor, creasing easily and generally looking shoddily made. Their former ability to churn out trendy fast fashions that were of relatively (it is still the high street we're talking about) good quality and design had seemingly vanished. Or changed... for the worse.

Still, I may have spoken too soon. A shopping detour last Thursday with mum took us to Isetan Scotts where, having nothing much to do, I trooped up to Topshop on the 3rd floor to while away my time till she was ready to leave. And then all that I used to love about Topshop came calling to me from the clothes racks.

Take these two tops for instance. I just love them. Currently I'm into billowy tops that I can wear with skinny trousers or jeans, or shorts. And this is just perfect. I'm thinking of picking up them today when I wake up.

Then there's this tie-dye piece. Again, the billowy silhouette. I saw this on the Topshop website and have yet to try it, but it looks nice. And it's 100% cotton too, which means it will feel much softer on the skin than those cotton-vicose, or 100% vicose pieces. To be paired with crisp shorts and gorgeous sandals, like these Steve Madden ( ones.

Also nice was this tie-dye top.

The fit is really great. Slouchy enough without being unflatteringly baggy (there is a fine line between slouchy and billowy cool, and looking just sloppy and baggy: a fine line but it's there alright). I tried this piece and found it to be quite translucent, so a cami underneath might be necessary. Would go perfect w skinny fits on the bottom, but would also look great w trouser-cuts, though for the latter, unless you're very tall, heels are a must to keep the look long and lean.

Here are some other tops that I liked. Found them online and am eager to see them in the stores.

As you can tell, the slouchy-cool look is my current favourite. I have a knack for guessing trends---usually (not always but most of the time) what I yearn for now, I will see magazines declaring it the "latest trend" about a month later, so yeah, that's my secret to stay ahead of the fashion curve, girls.

This silk blouse is also very pretty. Simple but still quietly espouses nautical chic. I like!

Then there are these 2 lovely tees from Olly & Suzi for Topshop.

As I cannot stand slogan tees, and don't like tees with sexual innuendos on them, these two tees are perfect for their whimsical, yet edgy, depiction of animals. I particularly like the dark green one. It would go great with skinny dark grey jeans and a blazer like this one (also from

The clean cut of the blazer keeps it from distracting and overwhelming the gorgeous prints on the tee, forming a nice juxtaposition of edgy but sleek.

Finally, there are these trouser options.

As the nautical and the flared looks are still going strong, you can still get plently of use for these elegant pieces, especially since their pared down form easily gives them evergreen status.

Changes in the air for 2008? Perhaps, but sometimes, oldies are still goodies. Especially when it comes to fashion.

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