Thursday, January 24, 2008

Topshop 2

Spring clothes are gradually hitting the stores. My favourite fashion boutique, Massimo Dutti, finally had their Spring stuff arriving in the droves (at last!). Sadly, Massimo's website has not yet been upgraded to showcase these new changes. And Banana Republic, French Connection, and Gap---the stores, together with Massimo, I frequent the most in Singapore---have only showed little or none of their new wares online. The only store that I often patronise that has kept things fresh is Topshop. And fortunately, this season's wares are much improved from last year's.

Furthermore, a friend who reads my blog has mentioned how my previous post on Topshop has got her all excited about Topshop again (yes, the previous season was that bad) and since she has started being more creative fashionwise, this blog post on Topshop's new (and nicer) wares is dedicated to her. Unless stated otherwise, all the clothes featured here are from Here's to you Jen!

So let's start with dresses. While last year was definitely the year of the dress, and this year supposedly the year of the skirt, I'd hate to see the dress regulated to a lesser role, especially with such pretty ones around like these...

Such gorgeous tea dresses! They might not be 100% cotton or silk (which are usually my prefer choices of material) but, ahem, unless one has a grumpy "boss" that makes you work day in day out and would blast you if your work falls short of expecations, how can one resist trooping down to a Topshop boutique to try on these lovely things.

If these are too feminine, there are these two options.

I particularly love the swing dress on the right. I have a similar one at home from Massimo Dutti which has embellishments around the collar, but this plainer option is sweet too. Particularly when paired with a cool jacket like this one (by Free People at

The white and blue combination is nice, classic but still very gamine and would look great either with heels or ballet flats. This jacket would also fit nicely with the aforementioned tea dresses to create a nice 1940s inspired look---polished but not staid, just the way I like it.

As for the grey dress on the left of the blue swing dress, I can imagine wearing it to school paired with pointy toe kitten heels or ballet flats. It's especially good for those days where there's lots of errands to be done, but one does not want to sacrifice style in the process. Heh.

As for tops, I am partial to these:

Feminine without being overly girly or diabetically sweet, these can be easily paired with jeans (bootcut, flared, skinny, straight), shorts or crops, or slim fitting trousers. I especially like the details such as the pleats and tiers---makes things more interesting. Do note that due to the rather flow-y shape, i think they'll look better with something more fitting at the bottom as compared to wide-legged trousers.

I think these two grey pants would go great with the first two tops, while the white jeans would look great with the second and third.

As for these crops, I think they would pair nicely with all three tops.

This pair of shorts would also fit well, especially when paired with sandals for something casual but still classy.

Then there are these two sleeved tops...

The one on the left is nice and vintage-y, while the one on the right has that cool sporty vibe. This time, I'd rather pair them with crops or shorts, as opposed to full length jeans or pants to keep the look young and fresh.

And since it's supposed to be the year of the skirt, I thought I'd throw this in for good measure.

Very Luella---the floral prints, ruffles and tiers. For something as girly as this, to prevent oestrogen overload, I suggest pairing it with a plain white or black tee or tank for a nice juxtaposition. Come to think of it, a rocker/band tee would provide a great contrast to the sweetness below. Girly punk. Hurhur.

And finally I couldn't help but add this...

Gorgeous capped-toe ballet flat. Love the patent detail and the bow. Somehow I find ballet flats without some form of embellishment on the top, be it bow, jewel etc a bit too plain. I love ballet flats, especially black patent ones---got two of these at home---but am now thinking of diversifying my collection and I've got three new pairs in mind. This would make the fourth.

Hope you like this Jen. God bless.

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jennifer said...

yayyy thankew :D

i like the tiered top. altho i hope it doesnt end up making me look like a pastry like the yellow zara tier dress did (if u remember which one)

gail said...

Haha up i do remember it. We tried it at zara at takashimaya. They had a pink version too. Glad you liked the posting. Heh.