Saturday, May 5, 2007

kirsten dunst

Kirsten Dunst has always been an eclectic dresser, and while not all of her choices were fantastic, and some were down right weird, she is always one to look out for, especially because when she gets it right, she gets it really right. And also because she is my favourite actress of the "young hollywood" set. And as movie-goers around the world rush to cinemas everywhere for 2 hours and 2o minutes worth of Spiderman magic, this post is dedicated to Ms Dunst and her various outfits.

The picture on the left shows my most favourite Kirsten look. She, together with Sofia Coppola (who directed her in Marie Antionette and a very stylish lady hereself) were one of the pioneers of ballet flats on the red carpet. And i love the dropped waists of both dresses, and the overall ingenue look Ms Dunst espouses, though i am not too fond of her hairstyle in the picture on the right.

I also liked the 1920s flapper girl vibe of this look---hair under the hat, long strands of jewelry, clutch in one hand and boyfriend (optional).

Then there are Ms Dunst's gowns. While the one on the left is quirky yet chic, i really liked the Chanel gown she wore to the 2007 Oscars. I loved the neckline and the cute short sleeves. If i could, i would want to have tailored a similar piece, but with a much shorter hemline (think above the knees).

These are her outfits for the Spiderman 3 premieres. I liked the Prada outfit on the left. The dress is nice but she looked kinda tired. Rather different from her normally radiant self. The dress on the right is by Christian Lacroix Couture.

I like both her outfits here. Kirsten has great legs and i like it when she wears short dresses.
Other Kirsten looks:
I love this casual outfit of hers. Something easy to wear around town.
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