Saturday, May 5, 2007


The school holidays have just begun but for some strange reason, my latest fascination has been with totes, and canvas ones at that, something which i usually look into only when school the school term is starting and i wonder if i should get a new bag. Still, these bags are excellent not only for stuffing books/files/laptop into, but make for great accessorising with summer's breezy chic. Enjoy!

This is from McQ, Alexander McQueen's diffusion line and is a refreshing take on the nautica look with its bright hues. Just make sure that no one steals it when you go for a toilet break!

Then there are these 2 options from Ralph Lauren and exude quiet elegance. While it would be nice for school, it would serve equally well at the country club or at the beach.

Not to be outdone, Lacoste, one of Ralph Lauren's competitors, came up with totes of their own.

The stripes are pretty cute and they come in other colours like red, but i like blue best.

Then there are camel and cream two tone totes, like this one from H&M...

... and those with words like these from Anya Hindmarch and Luella respectively:

Yes, i think the "Geek!" one would fit me very nicely :)

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