Friday, July 13, 2007


While I, like most girls, are fond of bags, shoes and accessories, I have yet to devote a post just for them. Well this all ends now.

Here are the bags, shoes and accessories I am currently liking:

First up, shoes.

I really like this pair! It's from French Soles and looks very Tod's/Prada. The grey, camel brown and black colours are just right for autumn/winter too. And the patent leather and buckle adds just the right touch of elegance (a trait i look out for in most of my pieces).

Next, accessories:

This necklace is from Urban Outfitteres and I think it's really cool. Would look great paired with a plain white tank. Perhaps the length could be adjusted and be worn as a charm bracelet.

Finally bags (and a wallet):

This bag is very Prada/Miu-Miu-ish and I love the camel brown colour. I think it'll look great as a school bag. From ASOS.

Other camel coloured bags I like are those leather and canvas bags---camel coloured leather and cream coloured canvas makes for a very sophisticated combination imo.

Like this one from Ralph Lauren. It just screams, i mean, subtly states weekend-at-the-Hamptons, and old world luxury.

This is from Principles and is a more casual take on the camel-leather and cream canvas combination. Massimo Dutti has a bag that looks very similar to this.

Then there are the bags with colourful prints. My tastes can get vere from extremes---from classic and elegant to colourful and cute.

This is from Ollie and Nic and I think it looks really summery and fun! A great bag to put all your beach stuff in.

Then there's this one from Jcrew that looks perfect for wearing with basics and for running errands with. I can see myself carrying this and pairing it with a white tank and some shorts/miniskirt and zipping around doing errands.

Then there is this other piece from Jcrew which is so cute for dates. Like at an open air restaurant (perhaps by the sea---very apt) or at the movies. Either way, it is a quirky statement piece that is more preppy than loud and makes a feminine outfit more interesting.

Last, but not least, is this wallet which I heart. It is by Loop at Urban Outfitters and has such a happy feel to it and would be such a nice juxtaposition to all the serious-looking upmarket handbags out there. Imagine being at the cashier's and opening up your Hermes Birkin or your Chanel 2.55 or your YSL Muse/Downtown and taking out this sunshine-y (literally) wallet.

Now that is cool.

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