Friday, July 13, 2007

Nippon Go!

I have mentioned in the post just before this that I am currently enamoured of batwing tops for their flattering shape. An alternative is the Kimono-style cut, which, like the batwing cut, drapes loosely on the shoulder and is usually long enough to hide any upper arm flab. Also, while there are many versions of kimono-style tops out there in the market, this post will mainly focus on kimono-style dresses and cardigans.

To begin with, for the uninitiated, a kimono, very basically speaking, is a wrap dress of sorts, tied firmly with a cummerband-like belt called Obi. It usually has long drapey sleeves and a deep v-neck and is the national costume of Japan.

A basic kimono-style dress looks like this---drapey sleeves (the lengths have been shortened for a modern take), deep v-neck, in block colours. These are from Lux at Urban Outfitters and River Island respectively. They may seem a bit plain but they are comfy and easy to dress up or down.

This is a maxi-length kimono-style dress from Miss Selfridge combining, yup you got it, the maxi dress and the kimono-esque trends. As most maxi dresses out there tend to be sleeveless---with all that coverage down below, it's usually best to go bare-r on top---this version is a good alternative for women who are shy about showing off their arms. I think this would look great at an evening soiree paired with gold jewelry. Some nice gold cuffs perhaps? I dunno why but such a combination somehow reminds me of Cleopatra. With all this coverage, don't pair this with pumps. Instead, show of that pedicure with slinky stilettos!

This yummy Gucci pair will do nicely.

For taller ladies, skip the heels and go for gold or jewelled flat sandals.

If the first two dresses were too short and the previous dress too long, Banana Republic has a nice mid-length one that hits slightly below the knees. Very elegant.

Now this should be paired with pumps rather than strappy sandals. Somehow it's just more lady-like with pumps, either peep toed or closed toed.

Then there are the kimono-style dresses with prints.

How apt. One in white (from River Island) and one in black (from Mango). The Mango piece takes the trend a little more literally. Reminds me a little of what massage palour girls wear. The white one is a nice casual piece though. Feminine but not overly girly.

Then there are kimono-style dresses with longer sleeves.

These two are from Lux at Urban Outfitters and they somehow remind me of an artist's smock. Again, a bit plain but can be easily dressed up or down with jewelry. I particularly like the one on the right. While slouchy (a look I am very into now) it still looks elegant. And it looks great on the model's lithe frame. The black also complements her fair skin really well.

Now this is interesting---a kimono-style dress with cutout embroidered sleeves. It's from Warehouse and has a nice vintage-y feel. While it can be dressed up or down, I think it'll look better for day wear because of its summery vibe.

And finally, for Kimono-style cardigans.

These are from Topshop and H&M respectively and would do nicely as cover-ups for camisoles or for days that are slightly chilly.

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Steph B. said...

I NEED that kimono maxi dress by Miss Selfridge. I absolutely must have it!!!! I have been looking for something like that for months now, and I just stumbled upon your blog today and fell in love wth it. I tried going onto the selfridge site, but the dress isn't on there. PLEASE help me find this dress!!! Where else can I order it or something very similar?!