Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bag Lust

I never really liked Louis,
And Chanel suffers from ubiquity...

These are what I really like. Let me introduce them by name.

This is a Hermes Baby Kelly. I saw a girl wearing this ala messanger bag style, and I was very inspired. I recently blogged about the easy-peasy drape-y style that I am now very much into. This is just the bag to go with it.

I am also on the lookout for 1960s style bags. Like this baby from Hermes.

It's pretty! Quite with a cute little "H" that strikes that just whispers (not shouts) out the design name. Understated luxe at it's best.

I'm not sure what this type of bags are called, so I refer to them as "air stewardess bags" because I see them most often on stewardesses. No matter. The House of Celine (now under Phoebe Philo of Chloe fame) seems to agree with me that these bags are now fashionable and they have launched a series of bags in this style.


and larger...

So yours truly, who has always thought of Celine in the most unflattering terms, will now---for reasons entirely due to its change in creative director---will be heading to one of their stores to have a look-see (-and maybe, buy).

Ok, finally, here's a brand that I adore. I've got quite a few stuff from this brand---handbags and a wallet---and am always on the lookout for their new arrivals. I like this brand because I think they add the best mix of intelligence and light-heartedness to their bags. I started noticing when they had wallets and bags in bright punchy patents, and that started my love affair.

I'm refering to Mulberry. And this is their Alexa bag which I have been waiting for since last year.

So basically, the Alexa (named after previously blogged about It girl Alexa Chung) comes in two sizes: the medium and the oversized. I think this is a style of bag that will age very well---it has "classic" written all over it---and so I want one in the oak colour because I think the rich brown colour will look even better with the passage of time. But the medium sized one isn't big enough and the Oak Oversized Alexa wasn't brought into Singapore and it seems to be all sold out online :(

For the medium sized bags, this is cuter because it uses a more "feminie" tweed to go with the semi-masculine design of the bag. So it's a nice juxtaposition.

The last bag that I am looking forward to from Mulberry is this Daria tote. It comes in blue and black but I like the white best because I mainly wear dark coloured clothes, and because the white best encapsulates the effortless luxe look that I'm going for.

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