Monday, February 8, 2010

destroyed jeans

I was randomly walking about at Forum Galleria---an upscale shopping mall---when I stumbled on these Current/Elliott skinny destroyed jeans.

They were SO SOFT!! I wanted to get one but the mark-up was toooo high---at about 50% more, it felt like daylight robbery when a quick search on the internet can give you a more favourable pricing. That is what capitalism and globalization is supposed to give---more competitive prices---and not a return to monopolistic price hikes.

So I started a search for destroyed skinny jeans.

This is a pair of Current/Elliott ones.

They're not the first in the skinny jeans business---it was J Brand that arguably put skinny on the radar. Current/Elliott first came to the public consciousness after celebrities were seen wearing their boyfriend jeans. It was them that put boyfriend jeans on the map.

Usually when a new denim trend comes about, I test it out, mainly because I like jeans, and am always looking for a new way to wear them. The first time I tried Current/Elliott was when I was at Liberty's in London. The salesgirl was telling me about how soft those jeans were and how she was saving up for a pair. I tried their boyfriend fit.

The cut wasn't great. I felt the boyfriend cut looked a little too baggy, and it looked sloppy. But their jeans were so so soft. I've had denim from Seven for All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity, and tried on jeans from other premium labels but never have I worn such soft jeans! So now that they've got themselves working the skinny jeans, I'll probably get myself a pair online. They're way too soft to resist.

This Current/Elliott introduction started the hunt for nice destroyed jeans. It wasn't a very persistent hunt such as the way I can get when I am really into something, but I stopped by the Gap during my usual wanderings about after church on Sunday and found that they had some nice ones.

I loved their skinny jeans. I felt the fit was very good, and the wash and the amount of distressing was just perfect. And it wasn't exhorbitant, though definitely not as comfy as Current/Elliott.

These are their boyfriend cut jeans. They're meant to be baggy but I felt they were a bit too baggy.

But I stumbled on a tip for getting boyfriend cut jeans which are not too baggy---size up the skinny destroyed jeans! Their larger size makes for a baggier fit, but because the overall cut is still skinny, it prevents the jeans from being too baggy, resulting in boyfriend fit jeans which are just right.

Banana Republic also had some nice distressed jeans. I'm not sure if I tried on the boyfriend cut one, but the skinny cut one suited me just fine and it was also in a lovely dark wash.

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