Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Pics are here: Madewell; also featuring Alexa for Madewell

Supposed to be writing an essay on political risk in Nigeria. Decided instead to upload pictures.

Love the outfits. It looks like what I wore and what my fellow university-mates wore when I studied in London. People in Singapore don't dress like this.

I like these 3 outfits best.

Outfit number 4 (below left) is particularly "American exchange student-y", a phrase I saw somewhere being used to describe crossbody bags, and a linguistic turn that I've adopted ever since.

More pictures...

I read an interview with Alexa Chung about her Alexa for Madewell line, and she remarked that it was gratifying to see all the models dressed up like her. For further proof of the similarities, check out the cardigan.

(love Alexa's pink bow bag btw)

Speaking of Ms Chung, the following pictures come from her debut of her "Alexa for Madewell" collection at the recent New York Fashion Week.

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