Thursday, April 19, 2007

Grey matter

I am fond of grey---not because my grey matter is important in helping me in my exams, but i find grey/slate sorts of colours oddly soothing to the eyes. Just this last Wednesday, i wore a grey top to school, only to have a certain somebody wearing a grey top walk past me and my friends. Quickly, i armed myself with a repartee---"grey is such a becoming colour isn't it?" (insert merry grin)---should any teasing ensue. Thankfully it wasn't needed.

A knitted grey dress from the Fendi Spring Summer 2007 collection. What can i say, they don't call him Kaiser Karl for nothing.

From Derek Lam. Would look lovely with shorts or trousers, and would nicely dress up a pair of jeans. No ripped jeans though---the ornate tailoring would look out of sorts.

From French Connection. Good as a jacket but would also work well as a dress.

From River Island. The draping of this is simplly lovely, giving the piece an elegant romantic look without having to resort to the usual romantic palette of pinks, whites and pastels.

From American Eagle Outfitters. Provides a casual elegance. Would look nice with spring's striped tops.

From Jose Ramon Reyes. Isn't this just cute? I'd wear it with a skirt like this (below, from Topshop) for a retro look.
I like the slouchiness of this Paul and Joe Sweater. Perfect for lazy (to dress up) days.

From Adam+Eve, one of my favourite labels for its tailored urban look. Their sleek aesthetic is exemplified in this pair of shorts.
Another piece from American Eagle Outfitters: a grey cami. It combines the a romantic cut with a gentle colour.

A few pointers: there is grey and there is grey. Be sure to get the shade right. Some shades should be saved only for gym clothes, or not worn at all. The cut of the grey piece is also important. As grey can convey a sense of sloppiness, it is best to choose only grey pieces that are well tailored. Also bear in mind that poor quality shows up easily on grey so choose your grey pieces wisely. That and don't wear grey head to toe. No one benefits from looking like a slab of concrete.

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