Thursday, April 12, 2007

The year of the dress part 2: the tennis dress

I usually boil it down to my love of the 1920s, but there is something about the tennis dress that I am particularly fond of. Perhaps it is its casual elegance, the short hemlines, and the swinging-ness of its pleats that suggests carefree and youthful attitudes of the 20s flapper girls and debauntes. Maybe it is because a dress of this type is so fuss-free: just put it on, match it with brogues, keds or ballet flats and you're ready to go! It could also be that it mainly comes in white, one of my favourite colours. Whatever it is, I'm dress glad this dress is back in season---makes it easier to find one to buy. I present to you the tennis dress:

The Chanel version aka ultimate embodiment of the perfect tennis dress: short hemline (check), swingy skirt (check), airy material (check), white colour (check check).

These other versions are also pretty nice:

From Dsquared.

From Chloe.

And if you prefer it in colours other than white, there is the 3.1 Philip Lim, and the Iisli versions.

From 3.1 Philip Lim

From Iisli.

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