Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The year of the dress

2007 has been hailed "the year of the dress", which brings to mine one rather nifty dress-wearer. Mischa might not be known for her acting prowess but she sure has a pretty collection of dresses. Though her dressing might sometimes be unconventional, she (or her stylist) sure knows how to knock the ingenue dresser look.

Nice Mischa(love the 40's influence) versus Not so nice Mischa (what is THAT? Ew)

Other nice Mischa pieces:

Clothes like this (and the seth-summer, seth-ryan banter) are the only thing that makes the otherwise somewhat annoying OC melodrama worth watching.

She looks guant here, but love the little white dress.

The mustard colour's not really to my taste but i love the way the dress drapes, and the detailing, and she looks elegant.

This would also look nice with a white tee underneath. Something to wear for a casual day running errands or to school.
Photographs from www.mischastyle.com

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