Saturday, April 14, 2007

Some things shouldn't be taken literally

Some crossovers are nice. Like Hermes and cockery. Or Ferragamo and hotels. Even Ferrari and computers (they partnered with Acer to create the spiffy Acer Ferrari 4000 laptop). This is just downright weird. Women who suffer from pms would have their Philips dress remaining the same colour the whole day! And what colour would that be? Grey? Blue? Then again, if they're smart, they probably wouldn't wear this dress while feeling upset. If they're smarter, they'll probably not buy the dress in the first place. The promotional design given doesn't look very stylish---who wants to walk around looking like a jellyfish. One plus point of fashion is the ability to convey something you're not feeling---wearing something bright and happy looking while hurting on the inside to uplift the spirit and to make sure no one knows better. Still, it would be interesting to see who buys this.

Photograph: (H&M Magazine)

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