Friday, April 13, 2007

The spring romantics

Fashion, like economics, usually follows certain cycles, and come spring, the look is usually romantic. The romantic look usually entails pretty trimmings such as lace, rosettes and bows, all in pastel shades consisting mainly of white, pink and violet. Choice of material is also important, with most designers favouring lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, satin, tulle and light cotton to express the flirty airy feel often associated with the romantic look.

Labels that strongly showcased the romantic look in the Spring collections include 3.1 Philip Lim, Badgley Mischka, Louis Vuitton and Thakoon.

From 3.1 Philip Lim (Rosettes, white colour, lightweight material all there)

From Badgley Mischka. This is the epitome of the spring romantics look: lace (check), rosette-like trimmings (check), bow (check), pastel palette (check), lightweight material (check). Put it on a nice fair and lithe model, keep her make up and hair simple, with a touch of pink on her cheek and lips and voila! The ultimate embodiment of spring's romance.

Another statement piece by the duo that screams---or should i say whispers---the romantic look.

Yet another Badgley Mischka piece. More subdued but the rosettes remain.

A non-white Badglely Mischka romantic piece.

My personal favourite from this label:

When i was seven or eight, I had a dress just like this but made of tulle. It even has the same midcalf hemline. It felt a bit titchy when i wore it, but like any good fashionista, i endured the temporary discomfort for the priceless feeling and knowledge of being pretty pretty pretty. My shoes were the same sort of Mary Janes featured in the above picture, though in black. And i paird my outfit with a white brocade hairband and white lacy socks. (No parental choosing of outfit for me---I am my own stylist, both then and now). I am now 21 and it delights me to find out that my choices then were fashiontastic. (Badgley Mischka has the same dress!!!)

From Louis Vuitton. Notice that the model's hair has not been spared the rosettes.

This is from Thakoon. Again the rosettes, bow and pastel palette.

Moving on from the catwalk shots, let's now examine the pieces themselves...

3.1 Philip Lim rosette dress.

3.1 Philip Lim rosette tee. Would be nice with shorts and wedges; or paired with jeans, especially the new wide-leg ones.

3.1 Philip tea dress. Another personal favourite and something I'd wear to school, to the park, for a casual meal or just for gallavanting around town. It is stylish, with an easy elegance and rather fuss-free.

Jill Stuart dress.

Calypso tunic. Can be worn just like that or paired with city shorts. These ones from Reyes and Topshop respectively provide a tasteful juxtaposition as their sombre colours and structuredness balance the soft bohomenian look of the Calypso tunic.

Rebecca Taylor dress. The 60s shift shape adds a modern touch to an otherwise Regency-era trend.

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